I’m learning a lot about trusting God during this time. I believe during this time my faith and trust is really getting put to the test, yet this time itself is such a beautiful and comforting reminder of the goodness and faithfulness of Jesus Christ and that He ALONE is in control of it all!

In this time of uncertainty it is such a comfort to rest in the comfort and assurance of the power of Christ – what a joy it is to know that He is in control of it all – Jesus Christ is ALMIGHTY, He is in charge.

Those are positive things I have learned during this time, but I have also been confronted with my fear and mistrust – I struggle with wanting to be in control and fear and apprehension of the future

But this reminds me of something I was taught when I was little from Psalm 91. It says that under His wings I shall trust (under the shelter and shadow and the protection and care of the Almighty). It doesn’t say that under His wings will I see, but that I will trust. It is hard not to be able to see, but under His wings truly is the safest place to be and I am so thankful for His protection and shelter. He is faithful

I always want to see and peek out from under His wings in a sense as though somehow my knowledge of what is going on or my knowledge of the future is going to help me have more peace when the exact opposite is actually the truth.

While God sometimes allows us to know some of what is going on or what will happen in the future, trust and faith doesn’t always allow for seeing beyond the headlights. However Jesus is always there lighting the way and keeping each step I take safe and secure. His presence is my light and His perfect love casts out fear

We don’t always know what will happen in the future, but we can know the One who is in control of the future through His Son Jesus Christ and walk through life with Him at our side as our personal Guide the whole way through. Jesus Christ is the light of the world and he that follows Him will not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life! 🙏🏻

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